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We have four times the love for another child!

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What makes us unique makes us strong!

Our Story

We had already begun the adoption process with A Child’s Hope when Rachel got pregnant with Ari. Not quite two years later, Rachel was in the delivery room again—this time to hold the hand of Max’s amazing birthmother, with whom we are happy to have an open adoption!

Sun, smiles, and strawberry picking!

About Zach

Zach is a physical therapist who connects easily with others. If asked, he gives the best common sense advice, and he leads by example with his healthy lifestyle. He is:

  • the master pancake flipper on Sunday mornings.
  • most likely to play cars and trucks on the floor.
  • constantly dreaming up future family vacations.

Mothering is Rachel’s passion project!

About Rachel

Rachel is a freelance editor with lots of flexibility to be with the kids. She’s quick to offer a hug, a sympathetic ear, and a snack for those times when we’re all just a little bit hangry. She is:

  • most likely to color and paint with the boys.
  • the proud inventor of the pizza quesadilla.
  • happiest with a child on her lap and a book in hand!

The beautiful woods that surround our house are the backdrop for our family photos. We love the privacy of our nature- rich home, but are glad to be close to both a major city and Zach’s parents.